I’m Callum

Im one of those lucky people that’s been given a creative mind along with a technical talking brain. 

I mostly talk lighting. I have a passion for light, I love to try and push its boundaries, evermore trying to achieve unconventional and innovative designs. This comes from a mindset that thinks light should not just be there to make things seen, it should be there to enhance, strengthen and reinforce whatever it’s being used for to bring out a new level of brilliance often missed in everyday life.

I definitely also consider myself to be a brilliant people person, I combine the people skills with my technical knowledge and expertise to provide event technical management support and production management services. Along with my team of trusted freelancers, I can make your event happen glitch free and always keep your creative thoughts in mind.

Why not say hello? Get in touch so we can get together for a coffee and get your project rolling.

i do personal

CM Create isn’t designed to be a massive company, I want to do business on a personal level.

I will personally oversee everything with your project and will keep you up to date every step of the way. 

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